VigRX Delay Spray

Just a couple of sprays of VigRX Delay Spray, a few moments before getting into bed, could help to boost your sexual performance. It has been designed with active ingredients that are known to help gently desensitise the area and work to give you greater control. It sinks into skin, quickly without any greasiness, making it a very discreet option.

  • Formulated with benzocaine
  • Shown to provide quick results
  • Non greasy and no stickiness or residue left on the skin
  • Will not transfer to your partner
  • 100% taste and odour free

VigRX is a brand, famous for delivering premium grade enhancement products to the market and this latest offering features the same combination of high level research and professional formulation as the others in the VigRX collection.

  • Type

    Delay Spray

  • Quantity


  • Dosage

    1-3 sprays

VigRX Delay Spray

50ml Spray | Discreet Control Spray

VigRX Delay Spray

50ml Spray | Discreet Control Spray


VigRX has offered unparalleled enhancement supplements to men since 2001 and will continue to deliver prestigious products, made with immaculate quality. We are confident that once you try one of our items, you are sure to quickly integrate it into your regular routine and join the hundred of thousands of other men than use VigRX to get the sex life that they have always wanted.